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Protecting Social Media Accounts – It’s a Whopper of a Problem

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Burger King recently had its Twitter account hacked and every social media manager gasped hoping that their accounts would not be next.  The article in Entrepreneur.com discussed the event and gave some sound advice on how to protect your own social media accounts.  The attack was fast and left managers trying to explain and apologize to Twitter users for the offensive messages they had been receiving.  Twitter was able to close the account by mid-afternoon and a new Twitter account was activated by the next day.

The good news was that Burger King had more than 30,000 new Twitter followers sign up and luckily the messages were obviously not from Burger King.  What this event does is highlight the basics of online security and the article shared several tips to protect your organization.

1.  How many times have you been told – change your passwords.  Well, this old rule is still your best protection from unwelcome intruders to your accounts.

2.  Be ready for an attack.  Frequently check accounts for activity and then be prepared with a plan for immediate action.

3.  Don’t allow too many administrators to access your accounts via mobile phones.

4.  Any administrator who accesses accounts from a mobile phone must have their phones password protected.  This must be mandatory!

5.  Change your passwords whenever an administrator leaves the company, this is just common sense.

Follow a few simple precautionary rules and even the Hamburglar could not hack your account.





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