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“I Hate My Boss” – Oops, can I say that online?

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Okay, you call in sick on a Monday morning and the next day your boss piles your desk up with dozens of projects.  You work a 16 hour day and go home and vent to your friends on Facebook and guess who sees it?  Well, your co-worker who you forgot to unfriend the previous week that’s who.  Now, your boss knows what you wrote and your job is on the line right?  Well maybe not.  Forbes recently wrote an article that talks about the protections workers may have under the National Labor Relations Act of 1935 (NLRA) for online posts.

The NLRA gives workers protections from retaliation from upset bosses.  Over the last several years, companies have been adding restrictions to employees through employment handbooks that limits their online activity as it relates to their jobs or their work environment.  The NLRA is working hard to remove a lot of these restrictions as members of the NLRA Board believe that these restrictions are unenforceable.  The Board feels that as long as the employee is expressing a desire to change their work conditions and it is with other employees they are protected under the Act.

Does it make sense to vent online about your employer?  I don’t think so, you never know when your bad day rant could turn your working relationship with your boss and/or co-workers into numerous bad days, weeks, months or even year.  Best bet if you need to vent is to call your friend, write it down and burn it or just go home and RELAX.




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