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Ex-Navy Man Makes Transition as Public Relations Specialist

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aircraft carrier
Dedication, Consistancy and Perserverance

Alonzo Dotson says that he is confident that he has made the right decision to make the transition into the civilian sector as a Public Relations Specialist. The Public Relation Specialist program that he has decided to participate in is held at the Takoda Institute of Higher Education located in south Minneapolis.

Public Relations Specialist write material for media releases, plan and direct public relations programs, and raise funds for their organizations. They prepare and arrange displays, and make speeches. They establish and maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of community, consumer, employee, and public interest groups. A Public relation Specialist is expected to respond to request for information from the media or designate another appropriate spokesperson or information source.
Perhaps most importantly, the Public Relations Specialist creates and maintains a favorable public image for their employer or client.

Dotson is expected to graduate from this 9 month program in April, 2013. This excellorated program is designed to provide hands on training from course work. The completion of the service learning experience gives each successful student the hands on experience necessary to compete in the job market upon graduation.

Dotson is happy about his newly acquired skills as a PR professional. The first block of the curriculum consist of PR writing, advanced writing, intro to computers, fundamentals of public relations, and marketing I.

The second block consist of, the fundamentals of fundraising, mass communications, internet programs, advanced writing, graphic design I.

The third block consist of, Service Learning Experience, Event planning, Social Media, Marketing II, Graphic Design II.

Dotson is eager to start his service learning experience. He will dedicate 90 hours to the Community Action of Minneapolis beginning the 25th of February, 2013.

Community Action of Minneapolis (CA of Minneapolis) began in 1976 under the governance of the Minneapolis City Council. This organization, known as the Minneapolis Community Action Agency (MCAA), worked as part of the city to create and support programs to eliminate poverty in Minneapolis. These programs were in the areas of weatherization, energy assistance, self-sufficiency, clothing and commodities distribution.

In 1982, the agency reorganized itself under a tripartite board, bringing together representatives from the low-income community, private sector and public arena to make joint decisions concerning the actions and policies of MCAA.

On January 1, 1994, MCAA became CA of Minneapolis, a private non-profit agency. The first day of business as CA of Minneapolis was January 3, 1994.

CA of Minneapolis is recognized as an innovator that uses technology, creative problem solving, and knowledgeable leadership to ensure delivery of quality, caring and culturally sensitive programs and services. Our staff are leaders in promoting ongoing open dialogues including community action agencies, public officials, schools, churches, employers, and people who live in poverty, about poverty and its impact on communities.

“ I feel very good serving the community, and I look forward to the experience of working with community action of Minneapolis,” said Dotson with a big smile on his face.  AD


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