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Did Anyone else see this coming?

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The other day, as we all know, the Pope announced that he is stepping down. I respect his decision, as he said its related to health. Actually this seems to be quite admirable….that one recognized their limits and failings (the pope is supposed to be infallible LOL) and that he understands he cannot lead the Church as it needs to be led in his frail health.


However in this age, one can foresee that his announcement would be turned into a meme. I have seen a number of meme’s around the pope in the last few days and the vast majority of them are relating the pope to the Star Wars Emperor Palpatine, the person who was pulling all the puppet strings in the last three….or now is it in the first three… Star Wars movies.


A special note for Tawn here, Do you connect the dots? First George Lucas sold off the Star Wars franchise to Disney. Now the Pope has stepped down. So…is Disney the true power running our world, and have they asked the Pope to lead us in to a new dystopian future?


– HH


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