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February Is Teen Domestic Awareness Month

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Monday, February 4, 2013 – 1:15pm Blogged by MD



February is a month to celebrate love with hearts, flowers and valentines. Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Kirsten Gappelberg tells us about Mary Kay’s commitment to spreading a message of love.

February is also Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and an opportunity for you to get involved in Mary Kay’s Don’t Look Away campaign. It’s our hope that the community would join us in our effort to stop the cycle of abuse before it starts. This means understanding the warning signs of an abusive relationship, sharing the message with friends and family and telling everyone you know, that love should not hurt.

As part of Mary Kay’s commitment to bringing an end to domestic violence,  we are the lead sponsor of the loveisrespect text for help program. Please join us and Don’t Look Away from abuse. If you or someone you know, needs help, send the text “loveis” to 77054. Or, you can click on video to share information about the program.



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One thought on “February Is Teen Domestic Awareness Month

  1. I did not create this blog but i am so greatful for the blog. I believe this is something that not a lot of parents are aware of. I know i have a teenager at home who thinks she is untouchable. I hear her talking sometimes about her play fighting with her boyfriend, and then before you know it shes crying, because he’s mentally abusing her over the phone.
    To her she doesnt think it’s abuse because the looser lives out of town and she tries to downplay it because she wants me to believe it isnt real. But it is real. Again I am very discouraged that you can be any age and go online and date. In so many ways i hate the internet!!!!! MD

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