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Is social media socially good?

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Well, social media seems to be a tool which is using a lot of people’s time in ways that are not necessarily the best way to use one’s time, but so are many other things.  It also seems social media is a good way to instantly get communications to these exact same people.  But are these the people we really want to reach?  Yes, they can be organized to instantly, unthinkingly start a riot, or a protest, or a flash mob; but is that good for society.  Posting that your store has a fifty percent off sale may generate instant sales, but is this the most productive use of peoples money?

It seems to me that social media is primarily affecting people who are emotionally manipulable and don’t reason out their actions before responding.  While this is a good tool for the propagandist, I am not sure it is a good direction for society to be heading in general.  “Quick, remortgage  your house! The price will just keeping going up forever, we’ll all be rich off of magic money and we can shop more at Macy’s.  They just tweeted a 24 hour sale!”  “Protest today at 3 pm!  Everybody be there, we’ll figure out what we’re protesting later.  But we’ll get rid of the evil so-and-so!  We can always think it through after we act.”

And then the Muslim Brotherhood, who DID sit back and think instead of acting impulsively and irrationally, take over.


By Tawn


Author: 5oci4lm3di4101

We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

One thought on “Is social media socially good?

  1. Good or not is a moot point at this time, we’re going in that direction anyway… ~ BB

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